Sapper is good.

But it can be better.

What is SvelteKit?

SvelteKit is an upcoming app framework built around Svelte.

As the next evolution to Sapper, it inherits much of its functionality such as file-based routing, Server Side Rendering, and TypeScript support.

SvelteKit also focuses on unbundled development with Vite and takes on serverless as a first class build target. Unlike bundlers such as Rollup or Webpack, Vite takes advantage of ES Module support in modern browsers and builds each module individually, on-demand, allowing for fast development times and Hot Module Reloading no matter how large your application grows.

Unlike Sapper, it makes no assumptions about the existence of a server environment, and its use of a new concept called adapters allows it to build targets for serverless platforms such as Vercel, Netlify, Begin, and more. That doesn’t mean you can’t build a node server - it just lets you pick that middleground between a fully static site and a fully dynamic site.

Be warned: Stuff will be broken. There are very good reasons it’s not in public beta yet, which you’ll see as we explore.

This is the unofficial guide to SvelteKit.